Friday, April 13, 2007

Final Task - Summary

What was the most important thing that you learned? Why?
Simplify. For my work at the library, these services need to be brought under one platform. How many usernames and passwords can you remember?

What was most challenging? Why?
Myspace. I can't be responsible for what my fiends post on their sites.
RSS is probably the most difficult concept to understand. But it's also the
most powerful. It has no

How can PVLD use these services to improve library services?
Like it or not, our patrons are already using these websites. We need to be where they are: online. We've already implemented most of these.

How successful was the “self-directed” learning model? Is this a useful way of encouraging staff development?
I prefer it. It seems like it's worked out well. We need to incorporate more of this into our daily work routines so that the knowledge sticks. Unless you do this frequently you'll forget it.

TAsk 10 - Myspace

Myspace is popular for many reasons: customizeable, music, networking, friends, email, online communities, photo sharing, posing mostly naked.

Task 9 - Explore Online Office Tools

Pretty cool. Sharing documents online is great, especially if you have to work with someone else on the same document. No need to have multiple copies and edits emailed back and forth.

Task 7 - Explore Wikipedia

Username: dskins

I fixed a couple typos.

Anonymous users can get an account here and edit any page. No name required. The spacecowboy007lol could sign on and edit the library pages and we couldn't stop him/her. That's the problem with Wikipedia: no authority.

Task 5 - Expore Flickr

From the 40 Families project: Snow in Palos Verdes

Tagging is similar to subject headings. With Web 2.0 users have been able to assign their own subjects and keywords to content. Previously, this was strictly the domain of librarians.

An online community is basically a group of people with the same interests sharing ideas. They will likely never meet in person, or even know what each other looks like.

Task 4 - Take a Digital Photo

Rome 2006

Task 2 - Create a Blog

Here it is.